SharePoint and Project Conference Adriatics

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Microsoft SharePoint Server is an undeniable market leader and practically a standard when it comes to collaboration as well as managing contents and documents. SharePoint is a platform that connects people, organizations, information and ideas. How widespread and popular SharePoint products are, can also be concluded from the numbers: 80% Fortune 500 companies use SharePoint with a total of 125 million sold licenses. If it were an independent company, SharePoint would still be among the 50 largest in the world.

The other two members of the same group of Microsoft products, Microsoft Project and Microsoft Project Server, do not need a special introduction: they have become synonyms for projects managing tools. The first project managing tools that comes to mind to most professionals is, in fact, Microsoft Project.

After the recent Microsoft’s release of its beta version of the new generation Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Office products (which belong to Microsoft Projects), the already big interest for these products has increased even more. For this reason, for the first time in this region, a specialized conference about Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Project technologies will be held in Zagreb on 28 November, 2012 under the name SharePoint and Project Conference Adriatics. A total of eighteen lectures will be divided into three parallel tracks: BIZ, DEV and IT Pro.

We expect over 150 participants from leading Enterprise users from Croatia and the region.

The Business track is intended for decision makers as well as persons responsible for SharePoint and Project technologies in companies, and it will encompass business aspects of these products. Lectures in this track will deal with planning, introducing and managing SharePoint data, practical usage of Project and Project Server products and lectures on business intelligence (BI).
The IT Pro track is intended for administrators and infrastructure architects, with an overview of novelties in Enterprise Search. The Developer track will offer lectures on developing unique solutions with a focus on novelties offered by the next generation of SharePoint and Microsoft Project.

World famous speakers, such as Michael Noel, Joel Oleson, Agnes Molnar, Wictor Wilén, Zlatan Džinić, internationally acclaimed experts as well as Microsoft’s MVPs from the region Toni Frankola, Adis Jugo, Nenad Trajkovski, Darko Milevski and others, will introduce you to the latest technologies connected to SharePoint Server, Microsoft Project, and Microsoft Project Server.

In this way, participants will gain access to quality content, create even better opportunities to exchange knowledge and experience with colleagues from related fields (business and technology) but also gain important contacts for furthering their business.